Cherish (typing..) Welcome to my room!

This is a personal site where I write about things I like. The site is currently being revamped, so some pages may have different aesthetics.

August 5, 2020 - I've been hard at work! Of course, no one can see that except for the webmaster herself since all the new stuff are on 'hidden' pages (not really hidden since I'm too lazy to hide them) I might delete most of them since the design is too modern for my current aesthetic. But I will keep the Switch look page since it's a good place to keep screenshots from my DS and 3DS games.

Speaking of Nintendo, I need to put up a page for my current games. And I need to start a CD and Vinyl page for my songs. AND I need to make a shrine main page. Maybe I should add a todo page too since I'm starting to clutter up this update log.

Speaking of logs, did you know I have a changelog on my site that I haven't updated for four months now? It's been four months since I got on Neocities. That's a little strange to think about. I wonder if it'll be weirder after four years? Will I be on here in four years? I hope so. I'm rambling now, time for me to leave because it's 4 am and I have a headache.

Edit: I wanna switch up the layout again, maybe add another sidebar on the right. The only problem is that I've scoured the interwebs and didn't find a legit solution to my question.. Maybe I'll just stick with the current layout.

July 13, 2020 - Started revamping the site! I also added a scrollbar to the 'about' page.
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