hello! i'm cheru, the full-time citypop junkie student running this personal dump. this site initially served as a space to practice my coding skills, but as with everything i burrow into, it has evolved into my digital hoard of files and pages. despite my isolation from the outside since 2018, i've maintained a not-quite-neet status thanks to my pursuit for higher education (from the confines of my home of course)

i'm somewhat of what i like to call a 'disorganized perfectionist.' i like things done in a certain way, while also simultaneously ignoring the more important aspects of a task. i guess you could apply that to this site as well. i usually favor design over content, so I end up putting analyses, pages, and other things on the backburner in favor of designing new and shiny pages... which is why there are several broken links and unfinished pages. very user-centered, i know

profanity is not often used here other than in a few diary entries. by the way, please don't take my dull way of writing my thoughts as coldness! this is simply the writing style i default to when i write. (if i spoke like this in real life or in texts i would be annoyed at myself all the time)

with all that being said, thank you for stopping by.


  • favorite dessert: petit ecolier biscuits
  • favorite tea flavor: vanilla chai
  • favorite season: early autumn
  • favorite manga: Shoulder-a-Coffin Kuro (currently)

things that interest me

  • web development
  • mmorpgs
  • reading
  • sketching
  • knitting

my favorite manga and anime list is not on this page, it'd be way too long