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hello! i'm cheru, the full-time citypop junkie student running this dump. this site initially served as a space to practice my coding skills, but as with everything i burrow into, it has evolved into my digital hoard of files and pages.

currently i'm studying to be a pediatric nurse but i'm interested in getting degrees in psychology and computer science.

i'm not the best at coming up with names, but cheru seems to stick because it's just a shortened version of my actual name. i also commonly go by cheruhime on some sites.

thank you for stopping by!




things that interest me

my favorite manga and anime list is not on this page, it'd be way too long

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where i write about things whenever i feel like it

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Manga Shelf Mangas that I really like
Magus of the Library
Shoulder-a-Coffin Kuro
Soloist in a Cage
Sadoko at the End of the World
Kasane (2013)
Novels to Read Books that I should get around to starting sometime
No Longer Human (Osamu Dazai)
Strait is the Gate (Andre Gide)
The Metamorphosis (Frank Kafka)
Demian (Herman Hesse)