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October 10, 2020

7:12 PM i was gonna binge some anime this weekend but i ended up starting four new mangas and finishing one. my favorite one so far is 'Welcome to the Demon School! Iruma-kun,' i've only read one chapter but it's hilarious. i finished 'Danganronpa Gaiden: Killer Killer' in one sitting at 3 in the morning, it was a cool side story. i'm thinking i should make a manga page to display the mangas i've read so far. that would require to stop being lazy though.. meh. in a little bit i'll start another manga called 'Kuzumi, Can't You Read the Atmosphere?'

October 4, 2020

3:54 AM it's getting colder, guess who's coming back to neocities! technically i never left but i never got significant work done on here, at least i don't think so. for some reason being on here is the main way i stay sane and happy during the wintertime. it gives me a bubbly feeling when i click 'save' and view the end product. it's kind of like showing your parents your cool artwork as a little kid. except i'm both proud and embarassed about my handiwork.
also, so much for consistency, May me. I just type that out and drop off the face of the earth for five months. also also, why are my previous posts so happy sounding? nothing wrong with that, but it's like i was smiling during all of my posts. i can't remember if i was sounding optimistic on purpose or i was actually excited.

May 12, 2020

7:49 AM Back again with another post. I did say I would be consistent but somehow two weeks went by?? That's how 2019 went by, and before you know it we'll be at the end of 2020. Isn't that crazy?
I feel super burnt out but I'm pushing through. I don't really know what I want to do anymore. I hope I can get past this and become more productive.

April 25, 2020

12:57 PM Another diary entry! I'm playing some more Style Boutique, it's been a long while! For some reason my previous save wouldn't open so I had to start over, luckily I hadn't gotten that far into it. I'm gonna try to hack into my New Leaf save so I can edit my town :) 1:12 PM Figured it out, I was a little stumped on how to do it but I found the 'garden.dat' file in the Citra folder and uploaded it to the save editor. (I sound so nerdy, but I have no regrets!)

April 26, 2020

1:10 PM Great news!! I got ACNL (Animal Crossing: New Leaf) on the 3DS emulator!! I was getting tired of seeing trailers for New Horizons because I don't have a Switch, so I decided to finally figure out how to decrypt the .3DS file. I named my town Kokki (for no particular reason, I was just inspired by the word 'Hokko' from Hokko Life. I'm still figuring out the controls because it's different on a computer. I still haven't figured out how to catch insects or pick fruits.. But I'll get it eventually!

1:33 PM I figured it out! 'A' to shake trees and 'X' to pick the fruits up. It's hard to get used to though ^^ Sean broke my headphones which I JUST got.. One earpiece is not working anymore. This is probably my fourth pair now. I've already told him not to touch my stuff and he still does it!!

April 23, 2020

3:21 PM Today is really warm, the weather forecast says it's 56 degrees Fahrenheit. I went to the backyard today with just a tank top and sweatpants, it was a little chilly but not bad :) Sorry for the short entry, Angel is calling me to cut vegetables ughhh

April 22, 2020

5:00 PM I'm trying to be more consistent with my posts on here, so definitely expect more from me (maybe). I've done a LOT of updating on my site and I'm really proud of what I've done so far. Today I got Animal Crossing: Wild World on my NDS emulator! It was difficult to start since I had to figure out the controls, that took me 10 minutes or so. I named my town 'Kawaland' since I couldn't come up with anything better lol. I also did more Ace Attorney today but my phone died as I was playing... I didn't get to save my progress :'(

April 21, 2020

Hello again! I'm pretty sure no one's read this stuff yet, and most of my page views are just me obsessively checking out my website each time I save my coding work lol. It's been getting warmer but it's still pretty chilly, I'm wearing a long sleeve, some sweatpants and fur slippers. When will it get warmer?? I hope it happens soon. I keep listening to 'The New Non Non Byori Groove' (don't judge me, the song is super cute!) Oh, and yesterday I got Style Boutique 3 on my 3DS emulator! I haven't played much but it's a fun game. I've also been playing Ace Attorney, I started a day or two ago and I'm near the end of Chapter 2 (The Turnabout Sisters). All I have to say is, outdated autopsy report LMAO.

2:50 PM I turned my laptop on to write this post but it's at 1%, oops.. Angel said she'd buy another charger soon, hopefully this one won't break :\ I forgot to mention but I tried to get Animal Crossing: New Leaf but since I'm new to emulators I couldn't figure out how to decrypt it. So I guess meeting all the animals will have to wait.. I just had mac and cheese and I feel really nauseous ugghh :(

April 16, 2020

Another entry! Things have been kind of stagnant lately, and my laptop charger broke so I couldn't work on my blog. Apparently it snowed this morning, which is a bummer because I've been looking forward to warmer weather. I've been listening to 'Chamber of Reflection' on repeat since earlier this morning and I'm thinking of making a playlist page on here. I have a weird music taste, there's a little bit citypop, 90s R&B, vocaloid, bedroom pop, and Nigerian house on my phone's playlist XD

April 3, 2020

First diary entry! Something to be happy about :) It's been raining for a while now. It's pretty boring being inside all day but what can I do? It's not a good time to go outside. It almost feels like the apocalypse, because it's like a ghost town outside. Of course, every now and then I'll see some cars outside or some people walking around, but it's definitely less than before. Everybody's cooped up inside their homes for the most part because of the coronavirus outbreak.