about this stoopid

hello! i mainly go by cheru on the internet, as a shortened version of my actual name, cherish. (i may have signed a few people's guestbooks with the name cherish) i'm a citypop junkie from the east coast, and i still haven't come up with a decent bio. i'm a full-time student studying for a degree in pediatric nursing. i'm interested in web development or game development as another degree.

about this site

i joined neocities earlier this year after disovering it just when was i about to give up on my search for a creative-oriented blogging platform unlike that of Blogger or Tumblr.

i signed up because i wanted to be able to write about anything i wished, and to have complete control over my site's design (something which i wasn't able to do on Blogger).

being on neocities has improved my coding knowledge, though i'm still an amateur. but since i'm learning new things all the time, this site will constantly be evolving (though mainly in part due to my indecision).


colors: pink, purple, pastel green
music genres: citypop, alt. rock, vocaloid
fashion styles: hime lolita, classical lolita, y2k
scents: peppermint, apple cider
ice cream flavors: kahlua fudge, mocha almond, mint chocolate chip
season: autumn