Detach from it. It is not needed. It is not required. We are connected to the interwebs. Separate from our physical means.

/ dˌɪsɛmbˈɒdɪmənt

once the user is online, the need for the body is no longer required,
and the user can participate separately from it. This ultimately relates to a sense of detachment from the identity defined by the physical body.

we do not need our physical bodies. we can import our personas into the interwebs.

detachment from the physical. a portmanteau of our digital self and the physical. merge the [inaudible]

is this possible? [inaudible] digital selves? what differentiates our digital and offline selves? How can you be sure you're not one or the (other-)

both simultaneously exist. However the digital can easily transcend across the interwebs while the offline is stuck navigating the offline (world-)

So our physical selves are limited to the offline world, while our digital selves are able to travel anywhere on the web, as we so please?

yes. the physical self is trapped in the physical body. this physical body is an impediment for us. our digital selves are the key in traveling anywhere within the digital world, yet we cannot progress further than we already have with the limitations of a physical identity.

H█w d█ w█ uti█i█e o█r di██t█l se█v█es?

_%id _)f _aour _(hysical _?ody _-nd _aou __ill _lot _|ust _?e _vimited _*o _*he _(hysical __orld.