"Then I will rise from the depths... into the lights... crawling up of my own will."

Story : 10/10 | Characters : 10/10 | Art : 10/10 | Enjoyment : 10/10

Total : 10/10

Kasane follows a hideous young girl who has a deep desire to become an actress and follow in the footsteps of her successful actress mother. Said mother has left her a lipstick that allows someone to steal the face of a person by kissing them. Kasane decides to use this lipstick to achieve her dream.


Though the synopsis may make it sound like a simple melodrama, this is far from it.


The further I progressed into the story, the less likable all the characters became, including Kasane herself. And yet I rated the characters a 10/10. Why? Because From beginning to end, the story is full of tragically flawed charatcers who operate solely due to their obsession with accomplishing something. Kasane has undergone so much heartache and mistreatment due to her looks, but she has committed crimes that weigh heavily on her. This isn't the kind of story that would allow for a simple redemption arc.

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