A Whisker Away

Beautiful animation, interesting concept but poor execution and rushed ending.

Story : 4/10 | Characters : 6/10 | Art : 9/10 | Audio : 7/10 | Enjoyment : 5/10

Total : 6/10

A Whisker Away follows a young girl Miyo, (dubbed 'Muge' by her classmates) who has a supposedly one-sided crush on a boy named Hinode. In an attempt to get closer to him, she acquires a cat mask from the Mask Seller, which gives her the ability to transform into a cat and allows her to be with Hinode as a cat which he names 'Taro'.

I would say the first hour and ten minutes of this movie were the most interesting. We learn about Muge's fractured family during the movie's opening, as well as how she came to meet the Mask Seller in the first place. From there we get to learn about Muge's personality and her crush on Hinode, as well as how she is treated by her classmates for her rather outlandish behavior. (see the 'Hinode Sunrise Attack' below)

Also something important to notice during this gif. There are a few times where Hinode talks to Muge at school, and the other students (save for Muge's friend, Yori) become something like scarecrows with henohenomoheji faces. Everyone else that isn't Hinode isn't worth acknowledging. This is basically the sentiment that Muge kept during the entire movie, save for the last ten minutes or so. This also applies to her family, as she would rather keep a fake smile on when interacting with her dad or her stepmother Kaoru.

I'd expected that Muge would visit the cat

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