ERASED   The series follows Satoru Fujinuma, a 20-something mangaka who has the ability to go back several minutes into the past to stop tragic incidents from occuring, which he dubs as 'Revival.' After the murder of a loved one, 'Revival' sends him 18 years into the past and he is given a second chance not only to save the person he cares about, but also to prevent the murder of two classmates who were killed during this time.

Why you should read the manga
If you are considering watching the anime or have already watched the anime, I highly recommend you read the manga. The anime condenses the last few volumes and cuts out scenes and dialogue which were extremely important for pacing and character development. They also completely cut out one character's arc out from the anime but left her in for the sake of the plot. (Kumi Kitamaru, who became very important to Satoru in the last volumes)
Welcome to the Demon School! Iruma-kun A shounen manga about a human boy who gets sold off to the demon world by his irresponsible parents and adopted by a demon! It's heavily implied that Iruma will eventually end up becoming an important person in the demon society (this is hinted at very early on in the series) so we are essentially following his daily life before he becomes the Demon King. There's no inappropriate fanservice (unless you count Elizabetta's succubus tactics in the Harvest Festival arc).