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Fancy Sites

Links & Resources Masterlist!


Site About the Site/Site Description
W3Schools I'm 110% sure that w3schools is carrying my entire website on its back XD You can find tutorials on everything from HTML to Bootstrap
Stack Overflow This site really comes in handy when you can't find answers to your coding questions. Heads up! Many previously asked questions may not have answers/are outdated so you'll end up having to dig for a modern/effective solution. In addition, many users are snooty towards newbie and hobby coders.
Dirty Markup Best way to clean up your code without altering much.


Site About the Site/Site Description
The holy grail of graphics! Includes some fonts as well. *(This site is in Japanese)
Another site with an abundance of pixel backgrounds, favicons and icons. *(This site is in Japanese)
Tons of cute pixel graphics, including backgrounds, favicons and pixel art!
Made by the webmaster of Whimsical! Pixel graphics for popular games and shows.
More cute pixel graphics! Just make sure to ask Laura before using them.
Japanese site with cute pixel graphics and illustrations! (Read the rules before downloading anything!)
Cute art graphics which are free for personal use. *(This site is in Japanese)
Cute art graphics which are free for personal use. *(This site is in Japanese)
Picrew Site with hundreds of anime character makers in different styles


How To Be An Angel

Lolita Tips (This site is the holy grail for beginner Lolitas!)

How To Become An Angel (I found Naomi's site last month and I fell head over heels!)

Prima Ange (I am so totally envious of Ange's wardrobe!)