My collection of games.

Nintendo DS

My favorite DS game! I got into Zero Escape a little while ago, and even though I was a little too smooth brained for the puzzles I fell in love instantly.
Fun fact: It was developed by Spike Chunsoft (same as Danganronpa) and its creator, Kotaro Uchikoshi, left Chunsoft to work with the creator of Danganronpa, Kazutaka Kodaka, at Too Kyo Games.
One of my first DS games. I love Phoenix and Maya's partner dynamic :)
If I pretend Pocket Camp doesn't exist, this makes Wild World my first entry into the Animal Crossing franchise.

Playstation Portable

(Need to finish the last few chapters)
An entry in the Persona franchise that needs more recognition from the fans!
(Need to finish this game!)
Being a vocaloid fan, I knew I had to try at least one Project DIVA game. It's super fun and I like playing a game that features two of my favorite game elements: vocaloid and rhythm.