Shadows House: The Art of Normalizing Loss of Individualism and other Dystopian Themes

[insert cool hook here] One of the protagonists, a bubbly maid by the name of Emilyko, living as a 'living doll' and tending a noble girl by the name of 'Kate,' who Emilyko refers to as 'Kate-sama' and is Emilyko's shadow (this is a world in which shadows have 'faces' rather than vice versa) From the very first chapter, it is made clear to the readers that Emilyko is to lose her identity and become Kate's own individuality. She must become a proper "face" to Kate, meaning that she will be a mirror of Kate's every move and expression.

If she does not become a useful doll, then what will befall her is very clear: A parallel is drawn between the broken porcelain doll and Emilyko. Broken dolls are disposed of, therefore Emilyko is to be tossed away if she is defective.
What interested me from when I first picked up the series was how passive and compliant Emilyko was with everything she was told. She believes that she is a 'living doll' like many others living in the mansion and they don't believe otherwise.

Updated October 25, 2020